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Alto Recommends

Putting forward the options best suited to the needs of your project.

As a specialist bollard supplier we can recommend various options depending upon the needs of your project.

From our understanding of your requirements and any bollards already specified, we can offer our equivalent and any alternatives that we believe will enhance the scheme, often with a very minimal cost implication.

Client Specifies

Alto Recommends

In a recent enquiry a client specified a 114mm diameter steel bollard, to be powder coated in a colour selected by the client.

We could simply take that on board and supply one of our Yeoman steel bollards, without any banding and powder coated to suit, but then we wouldn't be doing our job properly.

Our recommendation would be for two versions of our stainless steel bollard.

Not only would they look so much better and compliment the aesthetics of the areas in which they were to be installed, the sloped top version would be installed in the pedestrian areas in front of the clients main reception to prevent them from becoming a congregation point as they are uncomfortable to sit on.

Better still, this alternative option wouldn't mean a big difference in price either.

It's not just about the aesthetics

As with the above example, sometimes the best choice is not just about how the bollards look. Flat topped bollards located in pedestrian areas can often become congregation points and whilst you might wonder why that could be a problem, think litter, discarded cigarette butts and the increased likelihood of scratches and chips to the bollards themselves.

So making the right choice can have an effect on the surrounding area and your maintenance / clean-up costs.

Let Alto Bollards help you to make the right choice...

Whether you're at the planning stage or about ready to place orders for your bollards, please give us a call or drop us an email as we'd welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements with you and help make sure you get the right bollards for your project.



Your Questions Answered

We know it's not always obvious which bollard is the right one for your project.

So if you've got any questions at all, please call one of our Sales Team today on:

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