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Bollard Recycling

We realise that vehicle impact and physical damage will occur over time and eventually damage the paintwork and ruin the overall look of a bollard.

Even the best coatings available on the market today will eventually chip and crack after repeated impacts.

However, that doesn't mean you have to throw them on the scrap heap and order new ones.

We can take the used and damaged bollards back to our works, shotblast them to remove the existing coating, getting back down to the bare metal, before regalvanising and appling a durable powder coating in a colour of your choice, thus restoring the bollard to its original condition.

Bollards that are as good as new...

You get a bollard that's as good as new, costs less than a replacement, whilst also helping you to meet your environmental targets and reducing waste. Recycling at its most cost effective!

Or maybe better...

If you'd rather the bollard was updated with a new colour or indeed stripes, that's not a problem.

As part of the process, we'll also replace any reflectors or reflective strips, in fact we can even add them (or add more) if you want to improve on the original design.

Call us today...

So, whether you've got bollards out in the field that are beyond a quick lick of paint or indeed you have stockpile of unusable or damaged bollards in your depot, give our sales team a call today and we can get the recycling process started.



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