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Welcome to our FAQs page, here you can browse the most commonly asked questions.

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What types of bollard do you supply?

We supply bollards in a variety of materials:

Available to suit a variety of applications:

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What types of fixing do you offer?

We offer a range of fixing options:

  • Root Fixed (permanent)

Provides a solid permanent fixing, with the bollard sunk up to 400mm into a concrete base.

  • Anti Ram (permanent)

Similar to the root fixed option above, but the bollard is sunk into deeper into the ground (up to 800mm) so that it can withstand a heavier impact without yielding.

  • Base Plate (semi permanent)

Provides a permanent fixing when when excavation is not possible, for example when a concrete base is already present or underground services would not allow it.

  • Removeable

This allows the bollard to be removed from its base plate to allow temporary access. However, when choosing this option you need to consider where the bollard(s) are to be stored when not in use.

  • Telescopic

An alternative to a removeable bollard, that allows temporary access by dropping the bollard into it"s foundation. This removes the need to store the bollard when not in use, but requires a much deeper excavation.

  • Folding

Another option that provides temporary access by allowing the bollard to lie flat. This removes the need for storage or deep excavation. As an option these types of bollard can be installed so they lie back into a recess below ground level. This provides maximum clearance, but does require additional excavation, albeit to a shallow depth.

Note: the fixing types available are dependent upon the type of bollard selected.

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What finishes / colours do you offer?

We offer a range of finishes dependent upon the type of bollard selected:

Our steel bollards are hot dip galvanised to BS 729:1971 to ensure corrosion resistance for up to ten years. They then undergo a rigorous 6 stage coating process approved by the Department of Transport, before finishing with a two pack polyurethane top coat, typically black, but other BS and RAL colours are available to suit your requirements.

Our stainless steel bollards are available in either Grade 304 or Grade 316 (which gives a longer lasting tarnish free finish) and can be delivered with either a brushed, polished or shot peened finish. Indeed shot peening can also be used to create decorative bands on the bollard.

Like our steel bollards, our polyurethane bollards are finished with a two pack polyurethane top coat, typically black, but other BS and RAL colours are available to suit your requirements.

The colour of our recycled plastic bollards is set during the manufacturing process and can be black or brown

The colour of our rubber bollards is set during the manufacturing process and can be black, terracotta red or green

We offer two types of timber bollard, those manufactured from hardwood and those that are manufactured from softwood. Hardwood bollards are treated with a wood stain, varnish or simply supplied naturally. Softwood bollards are first pressure treated with a liquid preservative, prior to staining and varnishing if required.

Our concrete bollards are supplied in a high quality smooth finish

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What options are available in terms of adding banding and reflectors to a bollard?

We offer a range of options, some dependent upon the type of bollard selected.


Banding can be applied to bollards in a number of ways:

  • Reflective Tape

Class 1 and Class 2 reflective tape can be applied to the bollard, typically into a recess, but it can be applied to any part of the surface.

Class 1 reflective tape is approved by the Department of Transport for use on road signs and is available in red, white or yellow.

Class 2 reflective tape is available in a wider range of colours, but does not reflect as much light.

  • Paint

Bands can also be painted onto a bollard, with gold being a popular choice, but the choice is yours, indeed reflective paints can also be used.

Again, we would recommend that the paint is applied into a recess, but the band can be formed by simply painting straight onto the surface of the bollard.

The number of bands applied to each bollard is completely up to you. Applying tape or paint into a recessed band is our preferred approach as it produces a much better looking product, so just let us know how many you'd like and how wide you want them to be and we'll manufacture them to suit.


Bollards can also be supplied with red and white Class 1 reflectors, examples of which include our Grenadier and Infantryman steel bollards. These are flexible and can be applied directly onto the coated surface of both square and circular bollards, so there is no need to machine a recess.

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Can you customise our bollards with logos?

Yes, we can customise bollards with logos or other branding.

We can either commission materials or you can provide us with your own logos / branded materials and we will fix them to the indivudal bollards using adhesive, or drilling and tapping the bollard so the materials can be screwed into place.

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How fast can you supply our bollards?

Bollards can be supplied anywhere between 24 hours (for standard bollards available from stock) to 3 weeks.

Delivery time will depend upon a number of factors, however, we will always do whatever we can to meet your schedule, however tight!

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