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In this article we look at the difference between polyurethane and plastic (or I should say recycled plastic) bollards.

They're both made from plastic so what's the difference

Well, there's an obvious clue in the name, with a recycled plastic bollard you are getting a big tick in the box in terms of doing your thing for the environment.

Another key difference is in the manufacturing process. polyurethane bollards are cast around a steel core using quite ornate moulds, which gives the option of a much more aesthetically pleasing bollard.

Indeed, a polyurethane bollard that makes a great replacement for a cast iron bollard, they look just as good, but don't have the disadvantages associated with cast iron.

On the other hand recycled plastic bollards are typically formed by extrusion, cut to length and then machine finished, creating the top embellishment and adding bands, which means the designs are much more limited.

In terms of colours, a polyurethane bollard can be coated in any colour of your choice, where as a recycled plastic bollard's colour is set during the manufacturing process and is typically black or brown.

Both can take a hit, but the polyurethane coating will eventually chip or crack after repeated impacts.

Both are relatively maintenance free, the only difference being that if a polyurethane bollard becomes chipped or scratched the underlying polyurethane can become visible (black in colour). This is only really an issue if you have chosen to have your bollards coated in a colour other than black.

In a nutshell, if aesthetics are top of your list, and budget allows, a polyurethane bollard is probably the right choice for your project.

However if you want a cost effective bollard that you can fit and pretty much forget about, a recycled plastic bollard is probably a better choice.


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